Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Case of the Missing Check

Last year when we moved to Egypt, our stupid management company didn't give us back any of our deposit because they decided to keep: $100 move-out early fee, $100 carpet cleaning fee, and $50 late rent fee (?!) I was pretty annoyed, but knew that we would get back $50 for finding someone to live in our apartment. When the robotic woman at TPM refused to give me the $50 for a variety of reasons (she included: 1) there was a different name on the form than I was telling her in the email, 2) it was no longer policy to give the $50 incentive to find someone to live in your own apartment, 3) the employee who promised me the money no longer worked there... etc. etc.)

Anyways, finally, a few weeks ago I emailed her something to the effect of: "I expect a check for $50 in my name to be on the front desk by the end of the week" and VOILA! It was!

And then we moved and I LOST IT. And it's not just $50, it's the PRINCIPLE! I won the battle, but it seems I've lost the war unless I find this stupid check and deposit it. I've searched high and low in this new house and it's NOWHERE. TO. BE. FOUND.

I am so frustrated beyond belief even though this is so not that big of a deal.

Wow. As I was writing this post, I found the check under a book on our computer desk. A book that Tim had apparently already looked under and in and beyond.


  1. Sometimes the Universe just knows it can't get away with it any more.

  2. I hate property managers so much.

    (and I was one)

  3. Are you sure you are not pregnant?