Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I go to the bathroom upstairs

I think my co-workers are going to think I'm some sort of freak because I always go upstairs instead of peeing in our restroom like everyone else does.

But I do it for the exercise. I like climbing stairs a few times a day to keep in shape. Ok. And there are fewer women upstairs** so you get to pee in privacy. And it smells better because they have delicious cinnamon-smelling air fresheners. And I like it clean, and upstairs, only a few stalls get used during the day and there almost always is a freshly-cleaned, toilet-seat-up stall ready for my use. Call me crazy.

** actually, I'm pretty sure there is only one woman that works on the 2nd floor, but she's like 8 months pregnant so it seems like every time I go up there she is always in the restroom and part of me feels like I'm encroaching on her pregnant-peeing territory.


  1. haha all the guys go up stairs and lots of girls! :) I go up there a lot sometimes even to the third floor ;) now those bathrooms NEVER get used!

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