Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gisele, her baby, and a bathtub

I've always loved Gisele Bundchen. Weird for a feminist to have a slight obsession with a Victoria's Secret model, but I confess. My friend Anne and I used to rip pictures of her out of magazines and keep them on our walls for "inspiration," usually to look at when we were feeling lazy about track or cheerleading practice (not like both of us weren't two of the skinniest teenagers ever).

Now, I think beauty magazines are destructive and young girls who look at them will all have unhealthy body images and probably eating disorders (though looking back, Anne and I both dealt with all of the above in high school, so perhaps my assumptions are not entirely misplaced). And when I become all WomanStatsy and radical-revolutionary, I suppressed my love of Gisele, even though whenever I ran across an article about her or a picture of her I was slightly intrigued (and maybe this is even outing my lesbian tendencies, but that's a WHOLE OTHER blog post).

Until..... GISELE HAD A HOME BIRTH! In her bathtub! She is officially my idol once again. I don't care if she's ridiculously vain and poses in her underwear. I love her.

Oh, and did you know Gisele was "discovered" in a Brazilian McDonald's? Ironic.


  1. I definitely remember the gisele influence of the decor in the dorms.

  2. I love her too. And a couple of the other ones, for whatever reason.

  3. I think my old roommate had the same midwife for her home birth as Gisele. That would make for a great story.