Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I don't really have a theme or a great story of anything that has been happening. We continue to do quite a bit of pooling and swinging. Amir can slide down the slide now and rock-climb on the wall at the park (for more info and a nine-month-old update, see our other blog). The other day I went with some women in the ward to Kerdasa, the weaving capital of Egypt (for pictures, check out Nancy's extensive blogpost on the day since my camera broke*). They had some beautiful handmade wool rugs, dyed with all-natural vegetable dyes. I wanted one, but brought limited cash and was not convinced I really should buy one since getting it home would be a pain and would we live somewhere without carpet anytime soon? Now that I'm not there, I'm kind of regretting the decision and wish I had bought one. I bought two cotton rugs that are looped. They were only 10 LE each, less than $2. They are pretty big, but not as heavy as the wool rugs. I think we could get away with wrapping them up and checking them as luggage since we only have two big bags and we get four. But, we will probably never be in Kerdasa again so I should not even be planning my future life with theoretical handmade wool rug.

Today was a "tea party" for play group with moms in the ward. Amir loved playing with the toys that were scattered about, and I savored the adult conversation. Being a stay-at-home mom can get so, so lonely sometimes. Especially in Egypt. I need to make more of an effort to hang out with people in the ward, I'm just always afraid to annoy people so I'm hesitant to call and invite myself on a play date (since we'd have to meet at their apartments... no toys here!) After play group, I went with Karina, the pregnant wife, to buy a few things for herself (hairdryer**, spray bottle) and then on to Chelsi and Megan's apartment (more wives) for her hair cut. Then (it was a long day), I went with Megan to an art shop in the Degla area of Maadi. Degla is the posh area, walking around is pleasant and there are so many neat stores (but expensive). The artist whose shop we visited is named Elhamy, and I think he's famous. He had these beautiful prints of a painting of the Garden of Eden, and I'm coveting it now. It was a really large square print though, and while it only cost 80 LE ($16-ish), framing it in the US would be expensive. But again, now that I'm not at the store, I'm now wondering if I should have bought one. It was a really beautiful depiction of Adam and Eve in an embrace, surrounded by animals and under a beautiful Tree of Life. The title of the piece is "Paradise Before Sin," and Elhamy described his desire to turn attention away from the fall (which he thinks Christianity focuses on too much) and towards what life was like the Garden prior to the fall. It really is a beautiful piece***, and I think it would be great in our theoretical future bedroom of Amir, if we ever decide to have such a thing.

Friday I teach RS. I need to go prepare for that since it's already Wednesday afternoon and we have a very full day tomorrow (including a party at a fancy villa!)

* Our Canon point-and-shoot has something weird going on and won't focus anymore.
** I still can't understand why anyone wants to dry their hair in Cairo when it's a million degrees.
*** I found a tiny picture of it online, at his website, number 96.


  1. I had a Canon point and shoot to and the focus just stopped working, every photo was slightly blurry

  2. Elhamy Naguib??? That's awesome. When I was taking Arabic at BYU we watched a bunch of interviews with people in Cairo and during the final exam my teacher asked me which one I'd like to meet. I said Elhamy, hands down.

    Yesterday's post was the funniest thing I've read all week-- whatever you do, don't let those women get anywhere near you with hot wax. I'm not sure they'd stop at just your arms and legs...