Monday, June 14, 2010

Luxor and the Red Sea: A Preview

We are now officially halfway done with our stay here in Cairo and we celebrated it by going with our fellow classmates to Luxor and a resort on the Red Sea. The days touring ancient Egyptian sites were super long but very interesting and impressive. Amir held up like a trooper and only started whining after 6 hours in the sun on the second day. We managed to keep him hydrated and un-sunburned. Unfortunately, we were so concerned with his well-being we neglected our own a bit. We are now nursing burnt shoulders and resting from the long days.

Some photo highlights, we will need some time to get a large number of pictures up.

Amir on the sleeper train's ladder on the way to Luxor.

Amir hopes to be this tall some day.

Amir sees Egypt from Dad's back.


  1. What a neat adventure you're having! I love the pictures ;)

  2. dear tim,
    i miss your sense of humor.