Thursday, June 10, 2010

So friendLee

What a terrible title.

As I was reading after church today in the copy of Selected Works of Emerson, I thought about what Emerson was like and decided he was probably just like Casey Lee, who loaned me the book. The Lees are pretty much our best friends in Provo and beyond, and we've always thought they deserved a blog post.

Top 10 reasons we love the Lees:

10. Melissa's food. Especially the bean dip.... mmmm.
9. Casey's wide selection of coats for Tim to borrow.
8. In fact, wide selection of EVERYTHING to borrow (maternity clothes, packing tape, screwdrivers, diapers, cradle, movies, books, couch covers, Chariot, cooking utensils, TV, camera, duffel bag, etc.)
7. Great teachers of sewing and photography.
6. Deep talks, about philosophy/green parenting.
5. Consistent walking partners, they love to travel by foot (preferably barefoot) as much as us.
4. The most entertaining kid in town, especially every time she opens her mouth, with another in the tubes.
3. Most likely co-founders of our commune.
2. And as the title suggests, friendLEEest people we know.
1. God wills it.

There's a video on the other blog. It had too many names to post here.

1 comment:

  1. oh my cherona! i can't believe I didn't read this until now! shows how [not] blog savvy we are. yours is my favorite blog to read though, and the one i read most. also, amir is a stud. no denying it now.

    thank you thank you for extoling some of the Lee virtues, it's nice to remember that there are some good things about us. :) we're doing great but lately things have been a little crazy, so it was so nice to read this. that's sort of selfish, but really, very kind of y'all.

    much love.

    also, when your last name is lee you can't avoid inserting it cheesily into all sorts of words, so it's all good.