Monday, June 7, 2010

9 Months + 1 Day

At 9 Months and a day, Atticus loves:

- Koshary! (as do his parents)
- Swimming around the pool in his float
- Rock-climbing on the wall at the playground
- Riding on dad's shoulders
- Our new JW friend from Gabon
- His photo book compliments of Grandma Betsey
- Sleeping on top of mom and dad
- The computer mouse
- Door handles
- Anything metal and shiny
- Sucking on the Camelbak
- Wrestling
- Being "eaten" (he has the craziest laugh when I bite him)
- Swinging, sliding, playing at the park
- Other babies, especially Miriam

Atticus despises with all of his being:

- Wearing clothing, including diapers
- Sleeping alone
- People all up in his face (which happens often)
- Saline spray for his nose (this could possibly be the MOST hated thing he has ever encountered)

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