Sunday, December 21, 2014

Polity Bowl

In early November, I took the kids to our seminary's Polity Bowl, where our flag football team (including employees, spouses and a daughter of a seminarian) played the flag football team of Seminary of the Southwest, another nearby seminary. I had a good time. Some people were really set on winning, making me realize that I've lost all my competitive spirit in the last few years. I played wide receiver, but didn't get a chance to catch the ball, as no passes ended up coming my way, but I guess that means that I didn't get a chance to drop the ball either, or to injure my knee trying to catch the ball, as happened to my friend Jessie. I did almost catch a tipped ball in the end zone, but I was illegally tackled while trying to do so. So ends my football glory. It was a fun day anyway and our team won the game. The kids had a great time being cheerleaders for a while and then playing hide and seek with the other kids. Cait, I'm sure, had a great time indoors training for her new job.

My Jersey. Apparently our mascot is the Eagles. Didn't know that.

The Episcopalians apparently felt the need to exorcise demons from the field or something, the guy to the far right was swinging around a smoking ball of incense and the priest did a crazy dance.

Still very bald at this point

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  1. Love the Episcopal display. Incense symbolizes lifting up prayers of winning to God and sanctification of their team cohesion obviously.