Saturday, November 29, 2014

That one time I shaved my head

One day in Hebrew class, talking about Halloween costumes I made an offhand comment to my friend Katherine (or maybe Jessie?) about how I should dress up as my friend Austin for Halloween, who was a few rows in front of us. Soon the plan was afoot to make this happen. So we planned a bit,  Jessie, Katherine, Daniel (Austin's boyfriend) and I, but then it was the day before our last day of classes before Halloween, so I had to actually decide whether to go through with it or not. I went through with it.

After taking a test on campus, I raided Austin's room with the help of Katherine (who also picked up some sunglasses at Target which we popped the lenses out of for the glasses) and borrowed hair clippers from another student. So much preparation.

My last photo pre-haircut. This was while I waiting for my test in the library, which was distributed electronically because the seminary is totally on the cutting edge of technology.
My first photo with Austin and Katherine. The first day of orientation I think.

Austin, Cait and Katherine at the President's house
Austin and Jessie. This was the main photo I used for reference while cutting my hair.

The first picture right after shaving.
Of course, Austin chose our first class to be one of the first he'd skipped. Sad that my surprise was ruined.

We met up at chapel and the magic began.
Austin changed his clothes so we were a closer match
Hebrew class. This was especially weird for our teachers I think.
Even Austin's boyfriend Daniel had a hard time telling us apart.
Some of the evidence
Austin, I think, was equal parts flattered and weirded out. But he took it as well as anyone is likely to. So here's to him being a good sport. I had a few moments of "what have I done." But overall it was a pretty enjoyable day.

Most people, even those who know me and Austin well ended up having a hard time making the connection. When I told people I was dressed up as Austin, I think they assumed I was dressing up as the spirit of the city. Also, some people were afraid to ask me about it in case I had had to shave my hair for health reasons. Also, remember that it was only the day before Halloween, not actually Halloween. But with some Instagram and Facebook updates I think most people got it. It was a fun day. 

One of the amazing things to me is how quickly I have been able to make deep friendships here. So deep that I am able to feel mostly comfortable dressing up as one of my classmates for Halloween. Maybe you can dress up as someone you just met last night for a costume party, but for me that's something pretty special.


  1. The second to last paragraph made me LOL.

    I thought this post was going to be about Cait.

    Wow, that sure is one phenomenal blog post title.

  2. going bald is brave even for men, a lot of men are insecure about going bald.