Friday, November 28, 2014


Trunk or treat:

Mommy blogger.
First score of the night

Witch's finger

On toward adventure!

We live right next to the fire station

October 31st is also apparently reformation day, when Martin Luther nailed his theses on the door. So I'm nailing theses on these Lutheran doors.

The theses are actually instructions for how to keep apples from turning brown once cut that were on the ground near the church.

Tire swing right by the Lutheran church, can you see it in the background?

Ran into our fellow seminarian Jarell dressed as an animal lover

Lulah loved the tire swing. Atticus was scared of it.

The kids were great trick-or-treaters

An under-canvassed neighborhood. Everyone was happy to see us.

Generic hipsters, generic jedi and Dorothy of Oz. Atticus was insiste

We carved a pumpkin a day late

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