Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cait's Mimosa-PJ party

It was a glorious morning, one we should replicate in the near future for some other occasion. We ate grits casserole and cinnamon rolls and yogurt/granola and quiche and fruit. Many, many mimosas were also imbibed. 

Nothing says 28 years old like laying on your mattress with a gay champagne-drinking chicken.

Every time we hang out, I fall in love with these folks all over again. We love this community of ours.

The action shots of these people say so much about their personalities.

I am not sure why we have such a picture, but regardless, I love it.

I think Daniel forgot the OJ in my his mimosas.

Jessie, Live-Instagramming my party AS IT HAPPENS.

I think Atticus had the most of all. He loves hanging out with his "grown-up friends".

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