Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Return of the Mommy

After a short phone call to Delta, I was able to change my plane ticket (for free) to get home a day earlier from New York City (even though the agent at the airport told me they couldn't change it, and it would cost "at least $150"). The kids and Tim came to the airport in Eliza's minivan and had a very cute sign they made. It was a nice reunion, and the after party at home after the kids went to sleep was even better. Of course, not five seconds later the tornado sirens started sounding. We debated going to the basement, threw on clothes, and checked our iPhones for updates. We saw the storm was moving towards Madison, and decided to head down there. We picked up the kids from their beds and went to the basement. Of course, none of our neighbors were there and after a few minutes we went back upstairs. Another louder siren sounded right after we got back up, but since we had barely put the kids back down we decided to wait it out upstairs. It turned out to be a nasty storm, with a tornado touching down on the east side of Madison, one on the south side, and one in Verona (the worst one). Glad we were spared; when the sun came out the next day you couldn't even tell we had a storm.

Minimalist traveling at its best: that's all I took for three weeks.
The days after my return were filled with the children's museum, the Milwaukee Zoo, and lots and lots of playing outside at our playground and with our neighbor friend, Antonia.

Walking down the street wearing his "goggles"

Atticus fell into the stream on the roof, luckily he can fit in Lulah's pants.

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