Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer staycation: Week at the Lonsdale farm

We moved out of our apartment on June 30th, but don't have a "permanent" place to live until the 17th, so we are spending a few weeks hanging out with friends around Madison. After one night at the McKay's house, we headed out to the Lonsdale's farm. It's about 25 minutes west of Madison, and we were planning on camping in their field. After we arrived though, and realized that thunderstorms were anticipated, we decided to set up camp in their beautiful, spacious home instead where we stayed for the remainder of the week. Atticus was supposed to share the bunk beds with Donovan, who decided he didn't want to sleep in there if Atticus was on the bottom, and used the opportunity to take up space in his parents' bed. So much for a sleepover...

Anyways, besides a beautiful, large home, they also have a lot of wild land and pasture with sheep, llamas, chickens, and two tiny hogs. We did a lot in a short week, which included playing outside with the chickens, going to the children's museum, swimming at the local public swimming pool and pond, playing at FUS, and Tim and I even managed a date night to Andrew's community theatre production of Rent and dinner at Hubbard's diner, a local Middleton favorite. We spent a lot of time eating delicious food and sharing in great conversations. The kids spent a lot of time playing in their monolithic basement play room and watching too many movies. The little boys were loving playing together (they are currently watching Beauty and the Beast, adorable) and the little girls knew each other existed and played nicely most of the time. I loved cooking in the big, gorgeous kitchen, looking out the huge windows with the rolling, green Wisconsin hills outside of them.

Moving the hogs to a new feeding ground. Alice and Beatrice are clearing the land for a playground.

Lu and Luka the llama

It was a great week, and we are thankful to have such amazing friends living the homesteading dream in rural Wisconsin.

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