Sunday, July 27, 2014

Living in between

The sermon today at FUS was on "living in between" which seemed divinely inspired and aimed directly at us. I am sure more individuals and families than us are at the awkward in-between stages of life, but I could not help but feel moved by so many of the readings and the words of Minister Sara herself. I keep thinking about how the in-between times are times of growth, times of transformation, and times of fear. Fear of what comes beyond, but also fear that what was left behind was worth holding on to. Imagine you are on a trapeze, and you are perfectly content hanging on and swinging, but then you see another bar flying towards you and you left go. On a whim, or after careful consideration, whichever, you let go and soar through the air towards the empty bar. There is the exhilaration of defying gravity as you soar through the air, the fear you will fall, but also the hope that you will grab the next bar, seize the moment. This is precisely how I feel about going to Austin... we are leaving a perfectly wonderful life here in Madison, we love the city, I was cruising through school, we have friends everywhere. Why leave? But when the flying bar called Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary came rushing towards us, we decided to left go of our current life and soar towards a new one. We are currently in the air, in that gravity-defying moment in between, and we have no idea how the next few years will go. I'm applying to jobs, had one interview, but not much news. There is so much uncertainty, a little anxiety, but also plenty of excitement and eager anticipation.

This in-between life ain't so rough either... here's what we do, living in the chasm.

Cheer on Argentina!

Play Pokemon!

Fairy Garden!

Eat at Madison tourist attractions!

Splash pad it up!

Cat. Nap.

Watermelon! Lots and lots of watermelon.

Party with the block! 
Lose softball games! (despite Tim's skills)

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  1. This is our life right now, too! Yay for having no job and starting school (again)! (I actually have a terrible attitude about it, and I find yours inspiring.)