Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The weekend of 9/28-30

The Weekend

We had really nice weekend that started with a pizza night attended by Brad and Jenny, our most regular of regulars, and two new families who fit in perfectly. I've really been liking the smaller pizza nights we've been having since we've been back, and it's great to get to know some people better through them.

Saturday, after taking some time to get out the door, we headed to the farmer's market and spent a good long time there. While Lulah napped, Cait and Atticus explored the market and I finished Birth, Breath and Death while sitting in the shade on a bench at the foot of capitol, as Lulah slept and the people streamed by. A perfect little late-summer moment.

Then we went to a birthday party for our friends son and saw lots of our friends from Mormon Church and ate great Curious George themed snacks. The kids were digging it. We took off when the weather started to turn so that we could try to beat the rain to FUS church.

We almost made it, and only had a few minutes in a light rain on a summer afternoon that was actually quite pleasant.

FUS was very nice. Atticus loves his new class, and sat with us very nicely for the first half hour of the service that families sit together, even though there was no kids story time this week. Tallulah loves childcare and expresses none of the reserve she often expresses about daycare, but that is probably because she realizes that we will be back very soon.

Cait took off after Atticus went to class so that she could make it to the Relief Society Broadcast and dinner. She seemed to have enjoyed it, but I will leave any commentary or not to her.

Sunday we had a lazy day about the house, as Lulah had come down with a bit of a cold and I was worn out from pulling the bike trailer around town the day before and being up early with a sick Lu. We did get lots of outdoors time and Lu and I got a nice long nap and we got the house nice and clean. We never did make it out to the Arboretum to see the fall colors, but hopefully we will have another chance soon.

Here are some other photos that weren't on from the weekend, but were close enough and not likely to make it into another blog post.

Finger painting:

Atticus posing with our new IKEA artwork

A nice moment of sibling interaction:

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  1. I love that it's still reasonably sunny there and I love Lulah's outfit. And you now own more art than I do.