Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atticus interviews Mom

Here are some funny videos of Atticus and his mom. I was at the Community Center getting ready for the Assembly meeting that I am in charge of. That's it, except "May I have a Word?" is a segment from WordGirl on PBSkids.


  1. So I'm taking a chance by commenting, but felt so compelled to reach out. I saw your blog on the sidebar of Bridget's blog - a blog I've been following since 2007. But I was intrigued because it had Wisconsin in the title and we just moved to Green Bay in August (from the Portland OR area). Anyway, I was captivated by your family and your story. I grew up in SLC and moved to Seattle to attend university. I left the Lds church at that time and have since converted to non-denom Christianity. My entire family is still Lds (both sides) and I really REALLY enjoy your intellectual and thoughtful discussions you have provided on your faith journey. I've always been a feminist who lives in a culture of traditional values and although I have struck a nice balance that I'm comfortable with, I really enjoy seeing a nice young couple being so public about their lifestyle and choices.

    Also, I love that you live so close to me. I've heard that Madison is similar to Portland and I look forward to visiting there. PDX is where I started my own organic lifestyle and I'm currently in the process of translating what that looks like in Green Bay.

    Anyway, cheers Tim and Cait. Would live to meet you sometime!

  2. Caitlin, you look so beautiful and mature (not sure that's the word.. but something along the lines of you becoming this calm mother more than a young college student) in these videos... also I think Atticus meant to say Aunt Devany was his favorite. duh. ;-)