Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Guy's Birthday Days

UPDATE: Cait actually blogged about everything but the actual birthday party. My bad. Go ahead and skip down past Lulah eating ice cream if you are such a loyal follower that you remember every picture we ever posted.

Oh man, I can't believe we've neglected to blog about Atticus's birthday days, but we have. The days were very full, so I guess we've just been putting off pulling it all together. Here we go with mostly pictures.

Grandma Betsey sends presents:

Birthday at School:

Tower collapses

You are my minions!

The first failed "Happy Birthday" singing. He hated when anyone pointed out it was his birthday.

I love the pivoting motion here

Birthday Ice Cream Cones:

Birthday Party:

We won a silent auction at FUS from a woman wanting to throw a children's birthday party. Karen did an awesome job and the kids had so much fun. She's not a professional party thrower yet, but she should be.

Playing before everyone came

Some initial story reading

Maxie is about to get his head kicked off by Chico

The story. Guess whose kid resisted paying attention.

Tallulah wakes from her nap

Don't sing to me!

Grumpy cake.

Playing with presents:

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