Friday, March 22, 2013

Week of March 10

Sunday: Daylight savings time really hit us hard and we had a really slow start to the morning. We spent most of the day cleaning up for a special Sunday afternoon Pizza Night. Only a few people showed up because the weather was awful and there is sickness all over Madison, but it was still nice. After putting the kids to bed and cleaning, Cait and I studied Arabic together, which was nice.

Monday: While Babysitter Jenny (who said this would be her last week *tear*) watched Atticus, I made a failed attempt to get Lulah a passport to cover the possibility of us going to Tunisia this summer. The post office said passports are by appointment only (they weren't in Utah) and so we scheduled it for a few weeks out (although it is looking less like we are going to leave). So I got empanadas from the empanada man with Cait, came home and took a nap, and then after Cait got home, I went to the bookmobile and shopping. At night, I went to men's group at FUS and we talked about our siblings. Interesting. I also met someone there who sold us another iPhone for $100. We are going to set up Cait on the same plan I am on, because it is working so well and she wants her own iPhone.

Tuesday: Not much today. There was a big snow storm, so we stayed inside all day and caught up on some chores.

Wednesday: A pretty standard day in the morning. Cait took Atticus to his ballet class and then to her Arabic class and then to a failed attempt to by a new high chair for Lulah (the lady from craigslist backed out at the last minute). We sold Atticus's loft bed and spent the rest of the night rearranging his room. It turned out nice.

Thursday: The big first birthday for our Lulah. We gave her a doll from Grammy in the morning, but Atticus soon claimed it as his own. Atticus went to school and Cait went to a political science dinner at night. So it wasn't very much of a birthday, but we'll have a better party on Saturday.

Friday: Today was a grumpy day for the kids. I think they were just bored of the house, and I should have taken them out. It's tough that the days I most need to force them out of the house, into the cold and convince them to stay still in the stroller are the days when they're the worst.

Saturday: I took Atticus to the children's museum while Caitlin prepped for Tallulah's party. Then we came back for the party, which was great but will likely get its own post. And then we spent the rest of the night getting dinner ready and trying to clean up from the party.

Atticus's go-to retreat place when he doesn't want to do something (going to school in this instance I think)


  1. I know you are ready for warmer weather. We are, too. These kids are just sick of winter. Being sick and cooped up in the house.

  2. I want to see pics of Atticus' new room!

    1. Working on it. Taking pictures of rooms is so hard. I think I'll just use the 3d panorama app on the iPad tomorrow.

  3. Ugh, baby passports. We are discussing a trip to Kenya this next year that hopefully the whole family will be able to go on. The one downside I can see besides having to be on a 24+ hour flight with a two year old...three more baby passports. What a pain! On a totally unrelated note I ordered these barefoot sandals yesterday called xero shoes. Tim, when I saw the guy wearing them to run the first thing I thought of was your barefoot running post. I'll let you know how I like them.