Sunday, March 10, 2013

Past couple of weeks

So, we've had a house of sick people the last couple of weeks, and that has kept us from blogging. Also, just lack of motivation. But we seem to be on the tail end of at least one of these maladies.

So, let's see.

On Sunday last week, I took Atticus to Mormon church in the morning where he gave the scripture in primary, and then wouldn't let me leave his side.

After Church, we pedaled hard to the Unitarian Church, where Cait and I signed our names in their big book to officially become Unitarian-Universalists. Our friends Brad and Jenny came to support us and we had a nice dinner afterwards.

That afternoon, we went to a going away party for our very good friends Ida and Patrick, who are headed back to Sweden, after their stint in the US seeing what it was like in a developing nation.

They had two of Atticus's favorite things at the party, angry birds and craft projects
We spent a lot of last week sorting through the many items that our friends Ida and Patrick kindly donated to us (immediately) before their departure. Like a king size bed, that we temporarily squeezed in next our queen sized bed.

On Tuesday, after Cait got back from Arabic, I went out to get some ingredients for dinner, but I left my bike keys at home, so I had to walk back. As I was walking back, a big storm started, so my bike was stuck there at Target indefinitely. Luckily, someone called to offer me a ride to the ward lecture night (the monthly event where one of the many students in our ward lectures on what they are studying to other members of the ward), and they had room in their van to pick up my bike. The lecture was really interesting, given by a geography major about a Buddhist temple in Thailand that took in Hmong refugees from Laos (if I am remembering right) and all the internal politics that go on there in relation to the sacred geography of the temple. Anyway, really interesting.

While I was gone, Cait captured this great video of Atticus being really tired (it gets a little dry in the latter bits):

I'm pretty sure he's never actually heard of Captain Underpants

Wednesday, Atticus had his first ballet class at the community center.

Friday, I had yet another dentist appointment, and I also used the local community car for the first time, which is a program where you can pay $7.50 an hour to rent a car that is up at the community center. Usually, there is a monthly fee, but Eagle Heights residents get that waved. We probably had a few times that we should have used this before, but we always forgot. It worked well this time, and I got to drive a Prius for the first time.

Saturday, we had a day at home, as Cait was still pretty sick and Lulah and Atticus were just getting over it. I took Atticus to UU church that night.

Week two:

Sunday was another restful day, although we did feel up to going to our friend Brad's birthday potluck in the afternoon.

Monday, I started getting sick, but I still felt well enough to volunteer overnight at the rotating homeless shelter, the Road Home, that I've talked about before. It was nice, and really easy this time, but I had a really hard time sleeping, which is really strange for me.

I got really sick after this, and the rest of the week until the end was pretty much in survival mode. Cait took the kids (or just Atticus, which is pretty much the kids) a lot, which was really nice, including to ballet on Wednesday and to playgroup on Thursday and a playdate with Abdo, a kid from Atticus's school, where Cait got to practice her Arabic . Luckily the kids are really good at playing by themselves inside and are playing together better and better.

Friday night I was feeling up to going to a birthday party for the baby of a family from the ward, the Stoffers. On Saturday afternoon, they, in turn, went with us to FUS, and we stayed for the potluck afterwards, which was good.

Laying with a sickly dad


  1. I'm sorry you guys are sick. :(

    Peter served his mission in California speaking Lao. He knows a lot of Hmong people and has a friend that he met at BYU who is a Laotian refugee (and met a lot of Laotians on his mission, obviously).

    That lecture night sounds really awesome. What a great idea.

  2. Survival mode is the worst. Sometimes I feel like we've been in it for 10 years.

    Did you ever ask Alan Stoffer if he remembers being my groupie?

  3. Glad to get some more posts from you guys. We've had our own wave of sickness here at our house. Blech. Hoping it's all done now. I've washed enough loads of vomity laundry to last . . . well, a really long time.