Wednesday, March 27, 2013


(kind of like catechisms, but said by our son)

(mostly these are for future reference of us, so feel free to skip this post if you don't care about things our kid says... I want to record them but don't want to spam people's Facebook newsfeeds because I realize no one else really cares what my kid says except maybe his grandparents... maybe)

"I'm starting to puke" and "I'm getting nauseous" (said in the middle of the night when he had the flu, and when he gets car sick... he says "nauseous" SO cute)
"Pee is coming out... right NOW" (when he wakes up and has to go to the bathroom)
"Where's Lulah?" (asked every time he realizes she is sleeping)
"I not so tired... I NEVER going to bed, NEVER NEVER" (said every night when he's exhausted)
"Is this the sign for (chips, insert other random word he doesn't know the sign for)"? (and invents sign)
"I love Lulah, I love my family" (he sang this as he walked around stomping his feet)
"Lulah Baby Fern is SO CUTE" (sometimes he calls her "Baby Clementine" now... but he has also started asking for a new baby brother or sister and sometimes says we will name the new baby Clementine)
"Can we call Grandma Betsey on Skype?" (I don't think he will really know what a telephone is)

He also always forgets my name is Cait, and usually calls me "Carroll-Browning" when he can't remember what my name is. He also likes to call Tim "Papa" like his European friends. Oh, and he also one time started speaking in German after a play date with Felix and Juna. That was hilarious.

"I'm growing bigger, bigger, bigger! See?" (and then he proceeds to measure himself from his toes to his head while counting -- he loves pointing this out a few times a day... I wonder if we talk about how small he is too much? Note to self: STOP DOING THAT)

"maa at-taqs, maa at-taqs al-youm? hal huwa mushmis? hal huwa baaaarid" (the only Arabic he knows, and I don't even think it's grammatically correct -- "what is the weather today? " I think you would really say "kayfa at-taqs" or "how is the weather today?".... anyway, I was translating one of his preschool songs on the fly and now he won't change it. He actually likes speaking in Arabic now, for the longest time he hated when we watched Arabic shows but now he asks for "شارع سمسم" aka Sesame Street)

"Is fruit a healthy snack? Yogurt's a healthy snack... etc." (he's obsessed with "healthy snacks" I think he saw it on a PBS show)

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  1. I LOVE hearing the things kids say. So adorable and hilarious.

    It's wonderful how much he loves Baby Lu.