Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week of January 27

Sunday: We had a lovely day going to the Unitarian Church in the morning (on time for once). The sermon was a really interesting one about the fourth principle of UUism, "A free and responsible search for truth" and how that doesn't mean "You can believe whatever you want." Instead it means that you commit yourself to believing the truths that you discover on your own personal search for truth. Very interesting.

Monday: Jenny the babysitter came, after a long absence. Atticus was very excited. I got some errands done and took a little personal time. That afternoon we had playgroup at our friend Nina's house and that was a lot of fun.

The scene right before babysitter Jenny came over

Our friend's son J. showing us how gender bending is done. He's German/Finnish/Swedish.
Can you tell?
Tuesday: School day. Great weather. Took Lula out for a nice long run and the kids played outside together for a long time. We had story time in the afternoon (or in the morning if you are Eliza and came at the wrong time). It was a little unorganized, but I am hoping to get it more organized in the future.

Wednesday: SNOW DAY! Cait still had school, but she came home early and we spent some good time in the snow. We'll save the videos and pictures for their own post.

Thursday: Thursday was a reset day. The kids sleeping schedules were off, so we let Atticus play PBSKids for a few hours while we cleaned and cooked and got the house reset, and then we put the kids to bed early so that we could do taxes together.

Friday: Atticus and I took an epic trip to the WIC clinic in near 0 degree temperatures. Luckily (thanks to planning and a smartphone) we got all the buses right on time and spent a minimal amount of time waiting in the cold. Then we came back home for naps and more cleaning. At night we went to a parenting seminar at the UU church about how to parent kids in an age of distraction.

Saturday: We spent most of today at a daylong parenting workshop at the UU Church that accompanied the seminar that focused on creating meaningful family rituals. They had childcare both days and lunch today, and we all had a really good time. This will likely get its own post soon.

This week I read: Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier


  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE Atticus' hair? It's so buoyant and cute. Sorry if that seems petty.

  2. It's only petty if you don't also say how much you love my hair.

  3. Can't wait to read your parenting post!

  4. That little puffy turtle suit the youngest is wearing the best peice of clothing I have ever seen. Must be a Wisconsin thing.