Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week of February 10

Sunday: We started out with the intention of going to Mormon Church, but Atticus saying he wanted to go to Candyland Church (UU Church) was enough to tip the scales that way. All of us, I think, wanted to go to the UU church over the Mormon Church, but because I spoke at the baptism the night before, I think I felt obligated to go in the morning to Mormon church, and Cait could sense that. Anyway, we had a great time at UU church. We got there very early for the 11am Service (because we were leaving [very late] for Mormon church, which starts at 9am), so we had plenty of time to settle in. You can listen or read the great sermon at the FUS website.

Lulah at the child care at FUS. She was getting around pretty good on this scooter
In the afternoon, we had our friends Ida and Patrick and their two kids over for dinner. Cait went all out cooking Thai food, which was all really good and not overly difficult (except for rolling the spring rolls).

Thai soup
Spring rolls

Monday: Babsyitter Jenny came, so I took the time to get some writing done and go shopping and pick up books from the bookmobile. That night, I went to bookclub where we talked about Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier and had dinner. I asked another atendee for a ride, but neither of us knew how to get there, so we spent a lot of time driving around. It was still really nice.

Here's a video of Atticus "zapping" words into sentences, pretending to be Super Why.

Tuesday: I went to parent help at Atticus's preschool, which was nice. But all Atticus wanted to do all day was help with the chores that the parent helper has to do and not participate in what the other kids were doing, which was nice and annoying at the same time.

Lulah in her castle at preschool
Tuesday night, Cait hosted a Relief Society book club, where they discussed Half the Sky and talked about the state of women in the world. That night I joined a recording of a podcast of Mormon Stories Sunday School, which is a podcast that follows the Sunday School lessons and gives them a more liberal perspective. While the author, Jared, tries to keep the podcast fully believing Mormon friendly, he also says this episode is the least in line with standard Mormon belief. Mainly, we have an open discussion about sin and how we might over emphasize it and over guilt it in the Church, and that might sound enough like justifying of sin to make some people uncomfortable. I really enjoyed it, even if I was really nervous (it was a voice Skype call, and I hate phone calls) and I didn’t talk much.

Atticus decided to steal this package from the downstairs neighbors

Wednesday: Our friend Brad and his foster son came over in the morning for breakfast and a play date. Cait came home early and I went for a run. We tried to get Atticus to play outside and he never would. And so Cait took him to an Arabic discussion group instead.

Thursday: School in the morning and then story time at Nina’s house.

Sensory activity while brother is at school

He' s all about my knee brace as a headband
Atticus was really good at story time, helping to clean up all the toys twice and being nice to everyone. It is really nice when his mature self comes through even as other kids are having a hard time. Cait went to yoga at night.

We put the kids to bed together when she got home and we celebrated Valentines by watching Downton Abbey together. SO romantic.

Friday: Limited school for Cait and then I took Tallulah to my chiropractor appointment and Whole Foods and then Brad and Jenny were the sole attendees at our Pizza Night. We weren’t really up to hosting a big group this week anyway.

Here's a video of the guy making up a song. Notice the fear of death that our faith crisis has instilled in him. Also, Lulah is desperate for the camera again.

Saturday: We spent 6 hours at what supposed to be a light brunch at our friend Ida and Patrick's house. They are great hosts and Ida always puts together the best food. Mainly delicious pancakes and lots and lots of fresh fruit. We stayed so long that we had a late lunch there too. In the evening we went to FUS with our friend Brad, where the pastor talked about the role of democracy in the FUS community and in broader society. Then we a had a few snacks and hot drinks and then had a nice walk home until Atticus said he had to pee and wouldn't go in the snow so I had to run home. A lovely cleaning urge caught me at 9:30, so I got the house all nice and clean for Sunday.

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