Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week of February 17

Week of February 17

Sunday: I went to Mormon church in the morning, and Cait joined me at the tail end as she was headed towards REI, where she had an epic shopping trip with Atticus in tow. Cait had a Downton Abbey season finale tea party at night with some members of the ward, which was a lot of fun, even if she thought the episode was lame.

Monday: Another babysitter break consumed by shopping and writing and the bookmobile.

Tuesday: Preschool in the morning. Cleaning up in the afternoon.

Wednesday: We watched one of the kids in the ward so their dad could go to the doctor and then had our story time group after that. We got there late, so Atticus was having a hard time leaving. So the host was kind enough to watch Atticus and Lulah while I went shopping down the road. But when I got back, Lulah had fallen asleep, so we stayed there for a while longer. That night was an Assembly Meeting at the community center where I was announced as the next Assembly Chair. That will only mean something if you live here in Eagle Heights, and probably not even then.

Thursday: I parent helped in the morning at Atticus’s preschool and Cait went to Yoga at night. The complex’s carpenter came to put up our bike rack in the afternoon, so that was exciting.

Friday: Spent the day cleaning getting ready for pizza night that night. We did get some good out in the snow time.

And then we had a nice pizza night at night. The last pizza night with our friends Ida and Patrick before they head back home to Sweden.

Saturday: Cait took Atticus out for a long day at Kids at the Rotunda (which is a different free performance for kids at the performing arts center downtown) and the Children’s Museum while I spent the day with Lula deep cleaning after pizza night the night before.

Atticus carrying his child in a wrap
We went with our friend Brad to FUS at night and had a nice time.

So, a slightly boring week and I didn't even write about it until halfway through the next week. But in our defense, it was also the coldest week so far. So be impressed by what we WERE able to accomplish.

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  1. So much snow!! And as far as accomplishing things, I used to pray, "Help me to accomplish everything I need to." Now I pray, "Help me to appreciate what I do accomplish."