Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our friends the Lees

We made lots of really good friends during my time in Provo. But two friendships, for me (definitely not speaking for Cait) really stand out: The Lees and The Bryners. I want to do a couple of memorial posts to these great friendships. We already did a good tribute post to the Lees here, but our friendship, having lasted so long and gone so deep demands at least one more. Since we're having trouble accessing old photos from our external hard drive, we only have some recent pictures and some videos of A.G. pulling Theo and Theo and A.G. feeding Lu a bottle are up on the other blog because of too many name references.

Those videos and the following photos are from the last few days we were with the Lees. They genererous enough to let us stay with them for the last two days of our homeless stage (the rest of that stage was with Jon Bryner's mother).

The Lees were just all around great friends for us. So many of our housing decisions (pretty much every housing decision post-marriage) was made by a decision on gaining or maintaining proximity to the Lees. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of times we ate dinner together was over 100. And the number of fine conversations we had was probably at least triple that. It was great to see our kids grow together as they were all pretty close to a year apart.

So here's to you Lees. Here's to friendship.

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to make friends when yer an adult....yer expectations are higher because you tend to cut all the dramatic/selfish people out of yer life.

    I hope that your friendship flourishes nicely!