Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some missed events

We missed a few events that we remembered when we uploaded photos from our lesser used camera, so here they are. In mid-September, my friend Matt and I ran in a local 10k. It was my first race in my new 5fingers, which were and are great (they barely escaped being returned to REI when we found cheaper pairs later). I took 1st and he 2nd, but that was only out of 6 or 7. It also marked the end of serious running for me last year. I did not run with Theo, but Cait brought him after the race finished.

In sadder news, I let Theo burn his hands on the stove. I turned away from him standing on a stool near the stove where he was helping me cook eggs. I had turned off the burner but it was still hot. He slipped and caught himself on the burner with both hands. He cried some, but not too much, and had to have them bandaged for a few days, but he seems no worse for the wear. Also, this picture marks Theo's transition in interest from the Ipad to the Desktop Mac. He's gotten really good with the mouse and navigating to PBS kids as long as we turn the secondary click off. Sorry, no pictures of the unwrapped burned hands, not an opportunity I will regret missing.

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  1. Poor baby. I hope his hands heal quickly. He is really tech-saavy. We need to get a desktop so Ben can get started. Megan and Gavin were completely computer-literate by the time they were Ben's age.