Monday, January 23, 2012

Life: Lately

Cecilia made me feel guilty the other day for not blogging, but honestly, it's a bit impossible now that Theodore has discovered the computer and doesn't nap. By the time he goes down in the evenings, I just want to cuddle up on the couch in front of the fire with my lover and watch a movie on Netflix. So, sorry, blog readers, but I will try to be better.

Life is swell, though it's weird to be in the kind of limbo we are in. We are currently waiting on Clementine to make her appearance, wondering if it may be sooner rather than later. I've been having pretty consistent Braxton-Hicks practice pressure waves and yesterday at Church I was feeling so much pressure I had to spread my legs in order to sit comfortably. I can't tell if this is normal, but my midwives tell me not to worry, so I'm trying not to. I'm officially around 32 weeks, and time seems to be both flying by and passing by in slow motion. Pregnancy is trippy like that.

We are also planning a move sometime in the near future back in with my parents. We've been a little less frugal than usual with our money, and with my job not giving me as many hours as I need, paying our rent over the summer seems superfluous when Tim will be done with school and nothing will be keeping us in Provo. My very generous parents have offered to let us stay with them for the summer rent-free, so we'll probably take them up on it unless something drastic changes. Not really looking forward to sharing a bathroom with my siblings, but it will be nice to have actual savings for when we start grad school in the fall. We also are selling everything (including our car) except what we can carry in suitcases on the airplane. Daunting task to reduce your life with two children down to six suitcases. Now comes the equally daunting task of finding Tim a summer job... anyone in Columbia have any suggestions?

Speaking of Theodore and the computer (refer back to first paragraph), he has mad skills. He can get on, open Google Chrome, and go to PBS Kids to find his games with absolutely no help from us. It's awesome and maddening at the same time, we have started to leave the computer chair upside down on the bed when we are down because otherwise he will climb up, grab the keyboard and mouse from our high-up hiding place, and go to town. As much as I love his ingenuity and independence, I also hate being the mean mommy who takes away the computer from him after a few minutes because he got on while I ran downstairs to throw the laundry in. He is limited to less than an hour a day of iPad and computer time, but it's been really hard to keep him entertained with the recent bout of nasty weather (rain, sleet, hale, snow.... in that order). He has recently discovered Thomas the Train and cannot get enough. I took him to Toys 'r Us a few weeks ago because we had a coupon and he played for THREE straight hours with their giant Thomas the Train table and tracks and tunnels and the whole she-bang. Then I looked at the price tags of the individual items... and geez. That stuff is pricey. Tim and I found this ad on Craigslist, but who has $350 to spend on their toddler's train addiction?! Even if it is an incredible deal. I guess it could be his Christmas/birthday/Christmas presents for a few years....

When he's not playing computer or with trains or with Annabelle, he is constantly counting (he starts at 2 and always ends at 9, but it's pretty dang cute!), reading (getting better at sounding out words and loves finishing your sentence when you are reading a book) and requesting the ABC song over and over again. He also just recently started his love for books on tape, though they are usually Tim's books because he will listen to them while they are playing in order to multi-task with schoolwork/dad work, but we plan on finding some kid-friendly books next time we hop over to our local library for story time. Tim loooooves books on tape, and wants nothing more than to instill that love in our children.

Hope this long update satisfied your voyeuristic tendencies. No pictures though. One day I'll post a pregnant picture, I think it's a little pathetic that I've only taken one a trimester. Poor Clementine, already a neglected second child.


  1. My voyeuristic tendencies are not satisfied without pictures.

  2. Aidan loves the thomas table and big train set at barnes and noble. So one year I bought him a train table and train set at target for like $70 on black friday. When we have more money, I`ll buy him the thomas train pieces. But not the table, when I priced it a couple years ago, I think it was hundreds of dollars. That`s funny that T can get on the computer. Colton can turn on the tv and playstation and watch cartoons on netflix by himself. I`m glad Aidan doesn`t have any of that figured out.

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  4. Ikea has some wooden train and track sets that are much more affordable than the thomas sets but work with the thomas sets as well. we started with those and added to it as the children grew in number and the years (birthdays and christmases) went on.

    and the kids get even more independent the further down the family line they are because they see all the things their older sibs can do. R can navigate our wii, mulitple system tv, and computer just as well as his brothers.