Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Pictures: Christmas Eve/Day

Tim worked most of the day on Christmas Eve, joining us back home that evening for clam chowder (great recipe, but I accidentally bought FAT-FREE half and half.... bleh, bleh), homemade rolls, a homemade fire in the fireplace, and lots of Christmas movies on the iPad. Theodore fell asleep during A Christmas Carol: Jim Carrey style. For some reason, he refused to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, which I was rooting for. Oh well.

We woke up entirely too early.... even if kids aren't getting anything, I think they just KNOW. Theo was way too grumpy to go to Church at 9, I think he knew that he was supposed to get presents and didn't get any. Oh well, he was cheerful again by 10:30 so we meandered over to the local Episcopal church. Silly, they didn't have a nursery on Christmas Day, so we only lasted about 30 minutes into the service before heading to another local LDS ward where it was OK that you had a kid with you making lots of cute sounds.

Our presents were meager, but appreciated. My parents sent us money and an Olive Garden gift card, Casey and Melissa came through as usual with handmade mittens for me, a tool kit for Tim, and an iTunes gift card for Theo. We celebrated by buying him a new Winnie-the-Pooh app. After Church, the babe was tired, so we wrapped him up in the Sleepy Wrap like old times (thought he would hate it, but he loved it still) and walked around the neighborhood. I took a nice long nap with him and woke up to cook Christmas dinner (chicken, stuffing, sweet potatoes) and Skype with Tim's family. We finished the day by lounging in front of the fire, again.

Homemade wrapping paper

Back massager, that we ended up taking back because it was cheap

Tool kit from Casey and Melissa
I was so excited about Tim's gift, a wool plaid fedora. Alas, too small.

Theo didn't get anything, but liked Dad's tool kit

Sleepy wrapped -- went to sleep before we hit the next block on our gorgeous, sunny Christmas Day
He looooooooves the fireplace

Tim's idyllic Christmas

Theo's idyllic Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!

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