Thursday, May 19, 2011

Times like these are why I became a mother

Two illnesses, 1 million poopy diapers, two incidences of poop all over the floor/clothes/bed, one very dirty house, three days of non-stop icy cold rain in the middle of May, three serious cases of cabin fever = our week.

Let me elaborate: this week has been yuck. There are no other words to describe it. It's been cold, rainy, glum outside, and inside has been messy and I've been lazy and sick. Theodore got a particularly nasty cold followed by a round of bowel movements I'd rather not discuss. It's been like non-stop nasty poop around these parts for the past few days, including one time when he pooped all over his clothes, and another time when I left him diaper-less for 2 minutes to go rinse out another poopy diaper and he pooped and peed all over the floor (I sang him praises for getting off our new mattress first). Then, this morning there was another poop incidence, but luckily we were on his bed that time. Conveniently, this always seems to happen when Tim leaves for half an hour or so. Also, the diaper rash that accompanied this fun few days was the most intense one I've seen yet, all up and down his legs even. It was severe. I've been trying to work out if it could perhaps be an allergy, but I'm thinking we're just all sick. And I've been trying to let him go diaperless to air it out but that's very risky business.

And our house is a disaster. It's been pretty constantly messy ever since I started working and Tim staying home, and lest you think Tim is a poor housekeeper let me explain: when I'm at home and Tim is gone, he always comes home and cleans at night or in the mornings. However, when I'm gone all day and Tim is taking care of the guy all day, I don't come home and speed clean like he does. We're still working on figuring it out.

And I want another baby -- PSHT.

Not this week.


  1. I have those days/weeks.... I want another baby and then I'm okay we're waiting a bit. I was the same way when I was teaching Primary. One Sunday I would really want a baby and then the next Sunday, I'd be totally fine I wasn't a parent yet. Now that I am a Mommy, I wouldn't have it any other way. Messes happen and I have the rest of my life to clean, but my baby will only be little for a short time so I'll just play with her instead LOL.

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