Monday, May 2, 2011

A bump in the night

We've been trying to convince Theodore that sleeping in his crib all night is a stellar idea, but so far, no luck. He screams, he kicks, he rants and raves. He doesn't need to nurse, doesn't need to be rocked/coddled/held, he just needs us in the room with him. Last night, we were letting him scream because my friends swore it only took a few days and he'd figure it out (this was day 2)... Tim and I were laying slightly comatose and I was struggling to get my bearings and go in there and comfort him when we heard footsteps and the door hinge squeek. We both jumped up and I honestly thought someone was there... I've never felt so instantly frightened and freaked out in my life at the thought of someone in our house. But nope, it was just the guy, who had managed to stack his blankets up and climb out of the crib and walk to the door. Tim said he had heard a "thump" but merely thought it was him rolling over into the side of the bed.

Time for a real bed... onward!