Sunday, May 15, 2011

A not-so-usual post

My cousin Shay is trying to adopt a little girl, and recently was contacted by a birth mom (who is pregnant with a boy) who is looking for a specific type of family and asked if I would put something on my blog to see if anyone out there knew of someone looking to adopt. Here's the information (I was going to re-write it but figured Shay knew the situation better so might as well use her words):

"I was contacted by a birth mom, who is pregnant with a boy, and is looking for a specific type of adoptive family. She wants a family with a year supply (or a plan to get it- because it shows a desire to follow the prophet and be prepared) and she wants them to eat few processed foods and have an interest in alternative medicines. Not necessarily vegan/granola but more healthy and open minded and educated health wise than the general population. I know you aren't looking to adopt, but since the description sounds like you I wondered if you had any friends or knew of someone who fit the description... She's due in a month and a half so she's feeling a bit pressed for time."

If you know of anyone who fits the description and is seeking to adopt, they can e-mail Shay at


  1. I know someone!! I emailed Shay and called my friend.

  2. Wow. That's amazing, Caitlin. I'll pass it along!

  3. me, me, me, me!!! if only the timing was better.