Monday, February 15, 2010

I want, I want, I want

We haven't really bought much baby stuff. And the baby stuff we have bought has mostly been used. We've even made money on buying used and then reselling after we're done with it (baby swing, diapers, etc.) Not to mention, Atticus was free to birth, so we're probably going to make money on having a baby this year with taxes and such.

There is one thing, I really really REALLY want recently (probably more than one thing actually, but this is one big thing).

One of these:

This, dear readers, is called a Chariot. It looks like an ordinary bike trailer, but it is not, I assure you. It is bike trailer/stroller/jogging stroller/cross country skier should you want to go. But.... we simply can't afford it right now. Until we can, we'll just borrow the Lee's. Because let's face it, if they had never let me use it once, I would not be addicted. Now they are obligated.


  1. My friend has one of those and I. want. it. So nice!

  2. Right before the twins were born I wanted a double jogging stroller sooooo bad. One day I was with my Dad and walked into a consignment shop, and low and behold there was one, in great condition for only $100, and I had a a coupon for something like 15% or 20% off. It was great! I say check out consignment shops, and online, and even look for twin sales (there are a lot of twin groups that have sales for parents with twins, and I bet someone would be selling one of these).