Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five months old

Atticus continues to be our sweet little boy. He is starting to smile a lot more, and express his feelings either good or sad. He's changing every day, learning new tricks, and getting more attached to us as his parents. I secretly love it when he starts crying when someone else is holding him, so I can calm him down with some cuddles and my face. I probably won't love it when we want to leave him to go on a date, but for now..

At five months, Atticus loves:

- Eating, especially organic baby peas
- Bouncing, he will actually start moving his legs up and down to indicate he wants to be put in his seat
- Tim's Arabic teacher, Mira (she talks to him in Arabic and he will just smile, smile, smile)
- Caressing our faces, especially as he's falling asleep for naps
- Books and paper, he loves crinkling it up
- Other babies, today during church he stared at this baby drinking his bottle of milk
- The State of the Union, he watched the entire hour and a half without so much as a blink or a turn of the head
- Falling asleep with a pacifier and a muslin blanket, he rubs it up against his face as he's sleeping
- Riding in the Chariot with Annabelle

Atticus hates:

- Being taken out of the bath, he LOVES being in the bath with us
- Getting dressed, a newfound aversion
- Strangers/grandma
- Loud noises
- Being woken up prematurely from a nap
- Sleeping in, he wakes up always before 7, sometimes before 5

(pictures pending... we have a new computer!)

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