Wednesday, February 17, 2010

305th post

Monday night, I nursed walking around Sam's Club.

Today is a busy day. I've already been to work, bathed and napped with The Guy, a few hours there will be a daytime social with the moms in my ward, and tonight is Book Club. It's TWO months worth of Book Club because we missed last month because our organizer was on maternity leave (she had the cutest baby beginning of January). Our books are Count of Monte Cristo and Eat Pray Love. I'm personally very proud of myself for finishing the Count. That is a DANG long book. But who knew it was so good!? We have the old 7-hour movie to watch sometime this week. Exciting.

My baby LOVES avocado. Which means, naturally, that I have to buy them every time I go grocery shopping. Oh darn.

We are singing this little ditty in our home recently. It's one of my new favorites.

Life is grand.

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  1. We buy avocados every time we go shopping too, they are superfood for babies and kids (and us too)!