Sunday, September 14, 2014

We live! In Texas!

Welcome back to our awfully neglected blog. I kind of missed blogging, but have felt rather uninspired. Does anyone care to hear about our loooooong drive through Kansas? Our night at the Motel 8? The traffic in Dallas/Ft. Worth that we sat in for several hours? How we really, really, really miss Madison but are sure we may come to like Austin too? Probably not. Here are some photo highlights for you, though:

Saying "hej-hej!" to many of our Madison friends at Rennebohm Park.

On our way out of Madison, in the pouring rain. Apparently this is the only picture we took on the whole trip?

We all came down with a terrible cold the first days here in Austin. Tim's director of student affairs took pity on us and put us up in their guest rooms for the weekend until we could sort everything out with appliances and furniture.

Asian ice cream food truck. Tallulah calls them "trains!"

I came in to the student lounge while Lu was watching TV. It was PBS Kids, until the Newshour came on. I asked her what she was watching and this is the face she gave me. 

We're slowly replenishing our toy bins. Girl is into trains now!

Ah, to have a library close by!

The kids' room. I found this bed on Craigslist, and nice Texas man drove an hour to deliver them AND assembled them for us. HUMANS CAN BE SO AWESOME SOMETIMES! THANK YOU, DUWAYNE!

She loves her soccer shirt, and her tiny babies.

She also loves giving me black eyes, as evidenced here.

We are mostly settled in now... 
And happy to be in Texas while Tim embarks on his new life, and we are along for the ride.

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