Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saying goodbye

Some unpublished thoughts about leaving Madison, from a month or so ago:

I had a meeting with our graduate chair today. It was something I was glad to get over with, going over the logistics and figuring out a plan for the future. It was also something that made me sad and depressed in a way I had not anticipated. I may have even cried when I walked out of North Hall for the very last time. This bleak, old building with its endless staircases and overpowering heating system has become my second home for the past two years. I spent so many hours giggling at inappropriate things with Jose Luis in the computer lab and going on feminist rants with Camila in the hallways and complaining about the workload of 856 with... well, everyone. I made friends with my cohort and with my professors and the staff. I felt supported and befriended even though I was this weird anomaly with two kids. While I did not enjoy every waking moment of grad school here (who does? I'd like to meet her) I felt like my time here was well spent and a huge growing experience. I have never been more of a leftist socialist feminist anarchist in my whole life! (yay, gender studies department)

It also doesn't help that the weather in Madison has been a balmy 75 degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny for the past month. Our bushes are overflowing with red raspberries and we are biking more than ever before... to lakes, playgrounds, friends' houses, Trader Joe's. We are living in a lovely bungalow that's not unlike the future home we hope to own, and spending our evenings cuddling on the couch watching top-quality Danish TV shows. Even though I am excited for our next adventure, I am more than a little sad to be leaving this one. We had high expectations for our lives here in Madison, and they were met or exceeded. We love the midwestern friendliness, the international flavor, and the homey vibe of this city. Now we only have two or three more weeks to soak it all in and see as much of it as humanly possible ...


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  1. It's so hard to leave somewhere you love and fit in. I'm still grieving for my life in Michigan. The Midwest is such a nice place. Much easier winters in our new homes, though!