Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Since Cait's been gone: Week 1


The kids wore matching shirts to school. The first really warm day of the season.

I had to deliver a bunch of the newsletters for our apartments Assembly. So I spent most of the day doing that. I also had my first chat with Cait in Tunisia.


A Costco trip in the morning. A missed library meeting in the afternoon. Sorry library committee, 5:45 is a tough time to get both of my kids out the door.


More newsletter delivery. Every apartment in our whole complex is a lot of apartments. Still a few left over to deliver.

Lulah's last day of school. Lulah's teacher Kate wanted to be cropped from this photo. Sorry, good thing you don't read our blog. Lulah had a great time, going to school 2 days a week. She made some really great friends and grew a lot.


Atticus's last day of school (at this school anyway, he still has his phonology school for another week). Atticus also loved his school here, although he is ready for a break. It's funny to think how different and obedient a kid he is at school and how quickly that changes at home. I try not to take it personally. So, last day pictures:

Lulah wandered around this field in her too big dress while I listened to The Goldfinch on audiobook. What a book. I've listened to it all through delivering newsletters and this whole week while Cait's been gone. It will certainly have some strong associations for me.

At night we borrowed a friends car and went to my softball game. We, once again, got beat something terrible, and I missed a few easy catches, but it was still fun. The kids cheered for me like crazy. They played on the playground for a while and then I drove them to sleep on the way home. A good ending to a good week.

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