Monday, June 2, 2014

Since Cait's been gone: the first weekend


Cait helped me get all of our stuff up to the Eagle Heights yard sale before boarding the bus to start her journey to Tunisia.

Comfort me, my new stuffed cow

The yard sale itself was a bit of a let down. Our very large apartment complex has a twice yearly yard sale. The sale in the spring tends to be when everyone wants to get rid of stuff, and the one in the fall is when people want to buy stuff, so we had a hard time even giving away the stuff we wanted to get rid of. We also ended up with much too much junk that other people foisted on us (for free) when they saw that our kids liked them. Oh well, a few more things to take to goodwill sometime soon. Like this hat, that shows how Disney's Goofy has changed over the past decades. Just what we were looking for.

We did dispose of Arthur Game and Rocketship Game, two very well loved and worn out board games, which freed up space for a couple of new ones that we got.


After church, the kids and I took a walk to Whole Foods, with plenty of stops and exploring along the way. Also, peeing on a tree.

Quesidilla for lunch.
 We played at whole foods for a while, picked up a bunch of fruit and some other groceries, and then headed back home.

Monday (Memorial Day):

After playing outside most of the day in the sun, we went to a party in the late afternoon, that started just as rain came pouring down. Of course, the kids had to get soaked before dinner.

The tofurky dogs on pretzel buns, asparagus and corn that we roasted were pretty good. But the kids still ended up eating mostly watermelon. The rain stopped, I got the kids new clothes and we played for a while longer before heading home for bed.

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