Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy birthday, Benedito!

We met Renata and her kids in Atticus's ballet class and we have become fast friends with her family (which would be difficult not to do because she has the most amazing Brazilian openness and friendliness that is absolutely contagious). Tim recruited her to be his treasurer on the Assembly Board, and though we see each other occasionally, it is not nearly enough. So, we were thrilled to go hang out for a night with her and all her cool friends for her son's first birthday party. The food was yummy, there were crafts, playing on the playground, and lots of pictures.

And we took the nice camera, so prepare for picture onslaught:

Potato stamp t-shirts

Atticus and Camila

Chico and Asad don't look happy about being in the picture

I love that our friends are not only awesome, but from all over the world: in this picture alone, there are kids from (or have a parent from) India, Macedonia, France, Brazil, Mexico. So great.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!


  1. Macedonia!!! That's a new one. Awesome mini-UN delegates for a birthday party. :)

  2. Wow, just saw this!!!!! You guys are so nice, thank you!! Those pictures are great, Im stealing them since i didnt take so many my own. I do though have a really nice one that im sending to you today!
    Thank you so much for coming to our party for Benedito. Chico's will be very soon and unfortunatly our last party here =(
    We are very happy to have you as our friends too and also hope to spend more time together!
    Thanks again fot the sweet post.
    Renata ( My last comment on your mom's post went as my old blog, weird, it has been a long are inspiring me though)