Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Atti and Lu

The kids are changing so rapidly and are at such fun (and obnoxious, at the same time) stages of life I feel a update post is in order!


This kid can be SO frustrating but so endearing all in the same couple of minutes. He says the funniest stuff, like how he suggested we give bad guys "swordses" so they stop shooting people with guns the other night. He loves, loves, loves both of his schools and he is learning so much at his phonology preschool. He utilizes his "techniques" for pronunciation on a regular basis in every day conversations. He has lots of friends and is excited when Camila and her mom/dad arrive at our house every morning to pick him up for school. The little boy he rides the bus with to phonology doesn't talk (maybe just in the bus, maybe at all?) but every day Atticus sits next to him and says "Hi Owen! How are you?" He is learning so much about being a kind and accepting human being and we wish he would put his newfound knowledge into practice more often at home, but we hear he is a sweet kid everywhere else. Our babysitter (she's new as of a few weeks ago, and so far, we LOVE her, her name is Rachel and she's volunteering for her Human Development major by coming over and watching our kids, how awesome is that!) said that she had never seen a big brother so responsive to a little sister's needs before and he played so nice with her the entire time. Now, that usually is not the case when we're around, but it's nice to know it's possible.

Atticus loves watching Mr. Rogers still, and recently re-discovered Super Why! and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. We love that he eschews anything remotely scary, mean or violent, and once we put on Phineas and Ferb (I was curious to watch it) and it only lasted about 4 minutes before he asked for a "show where the kids talk nice."

Dinner time is less of a battle these days, but he is still a picky eater though it's improving. He devoured chicken wings, mashed potatoes and green beans last night for dinner but won't touch most soups or casseroles (which Lulah loves). He is a dessert fiend and had tons of fun trick-or-treating this year and eating all of his candy, though he was nervous about eating too much so his "tummy didn't get sick" which he said over and over again.


She is becoming more independent, going to school all day like a champ, loving our babysitter, and having a grand old time in childcare at FUS. Her vocabulary is growing so much every day, she consistently says Mama, Dada, Aaaaaaa-tah, cat, bird, duck ("quack"), bike, bubble, all gone, milk and loves to say the names of kids in her class at school: Piper (pi-puh) Alli (a-ya) Sophie (so-fa) Oscar (ah-kah). Her affirmative answer ("jyeh") is probably next to "diggum" on cutest words our kids have used on a regular basis. She FINALLY became attached to a blankie several months ago and can't go night-night without it. She is still nursing, 5-6 times a day (mostly at night, hoooooray) but I can see an end in sight to my nursing days so it's not that big of a deal.

She is reaaaaaally sensitive sometimes, like when her diaper needs to be changed or when she is trying to arrange something just right or when she wants to lay down and sleep but she can't get her blankets just so. It can be annoying to try to read her and fix everything JUST SO because if not she has a break-down. She feels emotions strongly... high highs and low lows. She finally loves being read to (the Olivia board books are a huge hit these days) and watching Elmo (she says Elmo! Cookie!) and Day-day (which is what she calls Baby Signing Time) and sometimes in the right mood whatever Atticus is watching. She loves her mornings alone with dad when they go for long, cold runs and come home and take a long, hot bath followed by a nap.

She will pretty much eat whatever we give her as long as it's palatable. She loves soups and casseroles the most. She is a little bit of a bully sometimes and has started scratching and hitting (me, mostly) but she can also be crazy sweet and cuddly other times.


Yum, beet soup.

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  1. Rachel has a friend, Zachary, in her preschool class that "doesn't know how to talk yet." Rachel LOVES him and talks about him all the time. I'm glad she is good to him. She is the perfect friend for him because she loves talking. all the time.

    Lu reminds me so much of Wes. It's spooky. Or awesome. (especially the part about arranging blankets "just so" and FINALLY becoming attached to something)