Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So there were three parties for Theo. Actually two of them were pool parties, one thrown by Ash Mae and Carl to celebrate the next stage of their life and one by David Clark to celebrate friendship. But they were very close to Theo's birthday. We got pictures of neither, but be assured that they were great fun. We did get a few pictures (although not as many as we would have liked). Here are some:

Memories of last birthday
Surprise! The new baby came. Not really, this is our friend Jon and Tallia's baby


Yes, that is bike grease and ice cream with frosting. We are awesome parents.
Thanks to everyone who came: Ethan, the Bryners, the Ricks, Becca Ricks (no relation), David, Andy, Austin, Austin's friend and anyone else who I am forgetting.


  1. harrison looks like he is part native american. i love all these pictures! and jon is jealous of your camera

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