Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Austin is winning, now

Here's another boring update on our Austin life: sunshine-y, warm, pleasant. All around. We are making lots of new friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, attending an adult sex-ed class (awesome!) and hanging out at The Local bar with aforementioned new friends. We went camping a few weekends ago with the Live Oak UU congregation, not our congregation but one up north that has a lot of young families. It was a blast, though a little awkward as most of the people there were really good friends. I hope one day we are part of such a tight-knit church community.

Right before Atticus had a 30-minute meltdown after Tallulah stepped on a beetle he was holding.

Indra and her parents (Erin and Paul) go to FUUCA, and we ate dinner at their house the day we came home from camping. She's only a few weeks older than Atticus but acts about two years older. She's taller by a foot and reads very, very well. They also have chickens and an A-MAZING house.

My pottery teacher mailed me my creations from the summer.

Tim took the kids on a duck tour with his school while I was at work last week.

Will and Tasha were in Egypt/Jordan/Israel with us in 2009, when Tasha was pregnant with Locke. They moved to Austin for Will to go to school and had baby Anna (who is pretty adorable). Tallulah loves her and asks if we can have a "baby Anna" on a regular basis. We met up with them a few weeks ago to play at the free Austin Science and Nature Center.


His latest obsession is writing... all the time.

Atticus's writing -- "efterÄr" is the Danish word for autumn.
Last but certainly not least, we are loving FUUCA. It's not FUS, yet, but we are starting to make more friends and the kids love playing on the playground for a few hours after services end. Last week was women spirituality day service, and the women (or men, or whoever) were giving crowns to wear. Tallulah is my powerful little she-goddess daughter. I am crazy about her.

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  1. Baby Annas are pretty rockin'! I highly recommend!