Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eurocco: Germany, Week Two

We had another incredibly busy week in Karlsruhe, though we started to slow down on our activities. There was a little more playing inside and a little less going-going-going but we still had a fun time. We were starting to feel a little antsy to get home, and maybe three weeks was a BIT too long. Two probably would've been perfect. I began feeling eager to be settled, though the kids were having a great time. Atticus keeps asking when we are going back on our trip to Germany and Morocco.

Have you seen enough awesome German playgrounds yet? This one is called the "real yuppie spielplatz"

We went to the pool one day too. Lots of naked German babies. Awesome.

We went to a cool park in the woods behind the town's castle (this was over the weekend when Juwe was home). There was lots of cool stuff to see, but apparently we only got pictures of the place where you could float a boat on an artificial, yet very organic, lake. Atticus loved this part.

Trying not to tip over

Andddddd back to the swimming pool. This was actually only one day. These pictures somehow got mixed up but I'm too lazy to fix them.

Tallulah thinks she can pull down her pants and pee like brother. It's funniest when she walks up to a tree and does it.

Tim and Nina took the kids to the river playground this day. The river was too cold to play in but they built awesome tunnels.

We took a family outing to the Oberwald park again, and we found this cool teepee.

I biked through the woods for a while and ended up in the town of Durlach. I didn't have my camera though, but it was very quaint.

Unbeknownst to us, someone in Madison gave the German missionaries Nina's address and they came for a visit. It was super awkward... mostly they spoke in German and we kind of just watched.
Again, at the pool. Being cute.

That was our week... very full of summer fun. We ate lots of German bakery bread, Tim made delicious falafel one night, and we basked in the sun. Next up: Juwe comes home for the weekend and we visit Heidelberg.

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