Sunday, June 23, 2013

Eurocco Days 5 and 6: Relaxation in Cambridge

I could have sworn I already posted this, but it was such a lovely stay, I have to make sure it is preserved.

I'm sure we will be forever grateful for the two restful days we were able to spend in Cambridge with our friend Jessica and her husband Tom. We ate good food, had good conversations and observed good playtime between our kids.

On Sunday I woke up early when Atticus needed some food and drink. He fell back asleep but I didn't, so I read on my own (Bridge to Terabithia, which I felt was fitting in a house where half-a-dozen young adult and juvenile fiction books are read a week by the four girls in the house). Cait woke up with Tallulah and they went to church with Jessica's family, while I went up and slept with Atticus who was a little under the weather and still sleeping hard.

There was a birthday party for the kids in the afternoon, and with a little cajoling on Atticus's part we got both the kids into the backyard party where they stayed for several hours. After that it was dinner and our first attempt at getting the kids to sleep, which failed because they had slept so late. Tallulah eventually want to sleep but I was up pretty late with Atticus until he finally went down.

The next day, we got up and took a bus to downtown Cambridge where we explored the campus, which was lovely, wandered around town, an ended up at a big park and the playground next door. We were able to keep Atticus awake on the way home and we all went to bed at a good time.

Our time at Cambridge had come to a close much too soon, but it was a great break. It was fun to come to know a family for the first time in a foreign country and to see how they managed a very active and full lifestyle, with two careers and four active kids. Their family runs so smoothly and the girls get along really well and read SO much. While I'm sure we were sub-par house guests being so jet lagged and holding to weird sleeping schedules, I think a good friendship was forged.

Summary: Two lovely days in Cambridge with the Finnigans.

Queen Lulah bestowing favors
Sir Atticus
And this shall be my hat
Lulah walks in on the nightly joint Minecraft session. Adorably nerdy.
Atticus'first experience with Xbox Kinnect
Lulah looking on


King's College
Cambridge has the most unused and beautiful grass of any place I've been.
"With the crumbs on Nature Valley bars we shall feed the world!" Somebody remind me where that quote is from.
Ah, back before my beard became an untamed jungle
The library in the mall, great idea.

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  1. Love all the IKEA and your kids are adorable.