Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Atticus,

You are becoming so quirky and ridiculous it would be a shame to not document. Every day, you crack us up with your shenanigans, and while you may not be the most well-behaved child, you are certainly one of the most endearing.

At two years old, your favorite meal is stroganoff. You devour the mushrooms and beef chunks. The first time I fed it to you I was floored.

Your favorite foods are probably peaches or scrambled eggs. You also devour those.

You love letters, especially signing them. You've got a good handle on signing R and A, and you can identify M, R, O, P, T, S, A, B, C, Z... and maybe some others. You are really good at making the sounds for M, R, O, and S whenever you see them. You may not say many words yet and the pediatrician may think you're autistic, but we're ok with that because we know how secretly brilliant you are. You get super excited whenever Rachel from Signing Time comes on and signs letters. We play it over and over again and you sign right along.

You also love playing with other kids--your best friends are Alice and Annabelle--and you are (and have always been) crazy about going to nursery. We think you are very securely attached, and we like that. You love being watched by other people, and while we know you (kind of) miss us, you rarely show it. It makes for easy date nights for mom and dad (though we rarely take them). You still get upset though when mom or dad goes to work or school.... you like having the whole family together.

You still can be a rotten sleeper, and don't fall asleep on your own. Most nights we don't mind reading and cuddling with you until you fall asleep on your mattress on the floor. But other nights... we wish you would just lay down and not take an hour to fall asleep when we are tired. We have found that if you are well-fed than you tend to sleep at least 8 hours straight, which is pretty awesome in our book.

You hate getting dressed or taking off your clothes. Sometimes you love baths, sometimes you think if you get in you might DIEEEEEEEE. You love climbing, especially rock-climbing in the canyon. I wonder how small they make rock-climbing harnesses and helmets...

You think babies are perhaps the most awesome invention ever. You are fascinated by them and always go crazy signing "baby, baby, baby" whenever we see them at the park or church. Hopefully this will continue in the near future.

You are still nursing a few times a week. We've cut down quite a bit now that mom is achy and pregnant, but you like it so much you ask for it every so often and I oblige you. I think the end is near though, which breaks mom's heart.

We think you're great, in more ways than one.


  1. Post a video of him eating beef chunks. I don't believe it, either.

    Love him.

  2. I think he's pretty great too!

  3. This post is amazing. Atticus is adorable, and I think it is amazing he signs so much and loves stroganoff. Eliza is still not sleeping like she should, so that means our next kids HAVE to be good sleepers. Right?